Forward by Dr. Mark J. Chironna of Church On The Living Edge

The early Church looked quite a bit different than the Church currently looks, particularly in the Western Culture. Long before the days of Constantine, when the Church became institutionalized, the Body of Christ was truly functioning as a priesthood of all believers, guided and directed by charismatically empowered traveling apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistic men and women whose sole purpose was to equip the saints to move in the charismatic power of the Holy Spirit and win the world for Jesus. The notion of only “leaders” functioning in power or in the charismata was not only foreign to Paul, Peter, John, Luke and the rest, it was foreign to the called-out company of believers that were passionate followers of Jesus.

The Church multiplied and grew, quite simply because the saints and faithful were equipped by these charismatically gifted itinerant equippers, that from house to house, all sorts of amazing things were happening. It doesn’t mean the apostolic, prophetic, and evangelistically gifted equippers were not used mightily of God. That isn’t the case. Indeed, they were. However, they saw their primary role as that of being facilitators and trainers, whose primary focus was on getting the New Covenant priests, the everyday followers of Jesus, to fulfill the Great Commission.

All the gifts of the Spirit were in operation in all of the believers lives in the early Church. In fact, there is abundant evidence that the first 8 centuries was replete with amazing manifestations of the power of the Spirit all wrought not simply by the “leaders” of the movement called The Church, it was done mostly by the everyday saints that did life together, broke bread together, and continued to give heed to the teaching of the charismatically gifted apostolic facilitators.

There is a desperate need for a recovery of the priesthood of all believers in the 21st Century, not merely in word only, rather also in deed. It is one thing to confess and declare the priesthood of all believers, it is quite another to see the saints doing the work of the ministry so that the Body of Christ can be built up until we all come to the measure of the stature of the fullness that belongs to Christ!

Pastor Billy Long is a dear friend. I had the honor and privilege of co-laboring in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina as he facilitated the work God entrusted into his care and I facilitated the work God entrusted into mine. For as long as I have known Billy, his passion has been for the Church to be equipped to move in the demonstration of the Spirit and power. He has never wavered in that regard, and he has contended for it continually. We share a common conviction that without such an equipping the Church will never fully accomplish what Jesus intended when He poured out the Holy Spirit for all to receive, and clothed the original 120 with “power from on high”.

That same Holy Spirit, the 3rd Person of the Holy Trinity, the Executive Agent of the Godhead here on earth is as available today as He always has been to fill the saints to overflowing so that they can abound in every good work. The book you now hold in your hands, “Spiritual Power For Everyday Living: How To Encounter The Holy Spirit Like The Early Christians & Reach Your Spiritual Potential” is the work of an apostolic co-laborer with Jesus whose sole desire is to see you come to the fullness of what Christ intends in your life. Living the abundant life in and by the power of the Holy Spirit is the actual normal Christian life, not the substandard example that all too often is indicative of the average Church-goer today, that lives far below their privileges, and has been trained to simply go to a Sunday gathering and be about their own business for the rest of the week. Incarnating Christ in the culture is all about reliance on the indwelling Spirit to do those things in us that He did in The Last Adam, Jesus when He walked the shores of Galilee. The works that He did, we are to do, and in multiplied fashion. This isn’t about one-man or one-woman ministries winning the world for Jesus, it is about a called-out company, the Church, the Ecclesia, fully prepared and thoroughly furnished to go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by demonic powers. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, and Billy Long is inviting us to return to its simplicity as it was originally intended, so that the fires of a new reformation can burn in the hearts of the faithful, and they can rejoice that because their names are written in the Book of Life, and because they have been endued with the Holy Spirit and power from on high, they can bringing healing, deliverance, and release to those in need.

Take time to get acquainted all over again with the Person of the Holy Spirit and all of His gifts that are available to you. Billy Long has laid out a feast for you right here. Come and dine. The Master is calling!

Dr. Mark J. Chironna
Church On The Living Edge
Mark Chironna Ministries
Longwood, Florida

Mahesh Chavda says:

It is such a joy for me to highly recommend to you Billy Long’s book, Spiritual Power for Everyday Living. Billy and his wife, Laurel, have been dear friends for over 40 years. From the early days of the Charismatic outpouring, Billy and Laurel have been completely dedicated to sharing God’s transforming love, healing, and miracles coupled with an incomparable sense of humor. My annual visit with him, his family, and his fellowship would always leave me replenished by his testimonies and shaking with laughter at his newest batch of “Billy Long” stories.

It is with a happy heart that I recommend his book to you. The powerful testimonies in this book are guaranteed to increase your faith and help you move in spiritual gifts and power. This book will challenge new and mature Christians alike to apply these truths to their lives in order to set people free, move in healing and deliverance, and advance the Kingdom of God.

You’ll be inspired by the fact that God not only anoints you with magnificent gifts poured out from His presence, but He also mantles you with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to seek out the lost.

Spiritual Power for Everyday Living will impart to you hunger to experience more of God. That has been Billy’s life-long passion.

Mahesh Chavda
All Nations Church, Chavda Ministries International
Charlotte, NC

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